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Oh, the Agony of the feet!

Your feet are a very important part of your body.

The average person's feet will walk the equivalent distance of 6 to 8 times around the world! That's a lot of steps. Approximately 1 out of 4 people will at some point in their life develop a foot problem. You walk on your feet every day, forcing them to support the weight of your entire body. Repeated stress on your feet may cause many problems. The major joints can suffer wear and tear. The skin and toenails can become thickened, infected or deformed. Faulty foot mechanics may begin with any of the following:

1. localized foot pain
2. various toe deformities such as bunions, hammer and/or claw toes
3. arch and heel pain
4. lower leg pain
5. hip or back pain, sometime even neck pain

When your feet hurt, you hurt all over!

What can you do?

Talk to your family physician! Your physician can prescribe foot orthotics to help correct your specific body imbalance.

What are Custom-made foot orthotics?

Custom-made foot orthotics are medical appliances that are custom made for you to correct your specific foot imbalance. These devices are always made from a precision impression/cast taken of your feet.

How do orthotics help?

Properly fit custom foot orthotics will help improve the balance and alignment of your body to provide relief from fatigue and pain. Custom orthotics work by exerting a consistent support to your feet into the correct functional position for walking, running and standing. Improper leg and foot rotation can result in abnormal forces to the muscles, ligaments of the ankles, knees, hips and spine. Orthotics control foot motion to enable your feet to function properly.

Supporting you all the way...

Lets review, your feet are the foundation of your body. They serve you in three important ways: they support your body whenever you stand, walk or run. They assist you in moving from one place to another. And they help to protect your spine, bones and soft tissue from damaging shock stresses as you move.